IPSM Winnipeg began in 2003, as The Friends of Grassy Narrows, a solidarity group supporting Grassy Narrows First Nation's on-going resistance to colonial aggression by the Canadian/Ontarian governments and Abitibi-Consolidated.
Later, the focus broadened to include solidarity work with other indigenous communities across "Canada", from resisting Sun Peaks "development" in BC, to doing work around Manitoban Hydro's brutal legacy and plans for expansion, to challenging Indian Affairs over police invasion of Kanehsatake.
For more background on the blockade in Grassy Narrows, you can read a flyer with an essay by Judy DaSilva, a key participant in the blockade, or look at a three article series by Dave Brophy

People interested in getting involved are invited to come out to our meetings. Everyone is welcome, but we are meeting erratically at this point, so please email the listserv to find out the time & location of the next meeting.
Send a blank email to fgn-subscribe@lists.ipsm.ca to sign up for Winnipeg FGN's listserv. Here is the list's website.